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  • Principal:
  • Mr D Donaldson
  • B.Ed., M.Ed., P.Q.H.

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Curriculum Mapping


Health & Social Care

We follow the OCR Applied Health and Social Care course

The aims of this course are to encourage candidates to:

  • Develop and sustain an interest in health, early years care and education, social care and issues affecting the care sector
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of health, early years care and education and issues affecting the health and social care sector
  • Develop skills which will enable them to make an effective contribution to the care sector including skills of research, evaluation and problem solving in a work related context
  • Apply their knowledge and understanding of Health & Social Care and use their skills
  • Prepare for further study and training

There are 6 units in this course – 3 at AS and 3 at A2 (all units have equal weighting)

AS Units

Unit F910 - Promoting Quality Care– Examination

  • Attitudes and prejudices
  • Rights & responsibilities of people who use services and providers
  • Facilitation of access to services
  • Values of care
  • How organisations promote quality care

Unit F911 - Communication In Care Settings -Portfolio

  • Types of communication
  • Factors which support & inhibit communication
  • Communication skills
  • Theories relating to communication
  • Interaction with the person who uses services / practitioners

Unit F912 - Promoting Good Health - Portfolio

  • Principles of health and well being
  • Preventative measures and job roles
  • Planning a health promotion campaign
  • Carry out a health promotion campaign

A2 Units

Unit F919 - Care Practice & Provision - Portfolio

  • Planning & provision of services
  • Effects of national policy & legislation on care practice and provision
  • How quality assurance is promoted by services
  • Conducting a survey relating to quality assurance
  • How services & practitioners meet individual needs
  • Ways in which practitioners within services work in partnerships

Unit F920 - Understanding Human Behaviour and Development - Examination

  • Factors influencing human development
  • Theories of human development
  • The application of theories to aid the understanding of human behaviour and development

Unit F923 – Mental Health Issues- Portfolio

  • Concepts and definitions of different types of mental health issues
  • The effects of a mental health illness on a person
  • Preventative and coping strategies for mental health illnesses
  • Perceptions of mental health in media