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Year 8 Cullybackey College 3 v 9 St Patrick's College (14th November)

Year 9 Cullybackey College 9 v 3 St Patrick's College (9th November)

Year 8 & 9 vs St Patrick's


Extra-curricular sport underway with Senior Netball

Senior Netball



Year 12 Ballymena Netball League

Click to enlargeCongratulations to the Year 11 girls who ended up runners-up in the Year 12 Ballymena Netball League. This is one of our most successful teams who have continually excelled each year. Well done girls and lets hope for more success in the future.


19th December Roundup

Click to enlargeWell done to the girls for recent performances. On Tuesday 10th December the Year 8 team defeated St Patrick's 10-7 in a close game. The Year 11s showed dominance on Monday 16th, convincingly defeating Ballymena Academy 21-12. The Year 10 team also had a great win, beating Dunclug 38-7 on Tuesday 17th.

1st December Roundup

Yr 11 played St Patrick's Yr 12 Netball team last week, this was the first team that the girls have felt under pressure and were very unlucky to lose the match 20-9. The girls were not discouraged and continued to play well during their next match, beating Slemish 24-12. The Year 10s lost to Slemish in a very tight game, with the final score 15-14 to Slemish. Well done girls for your continued effort.

November Summary

Year 8 vs St Louis Grammar

Click to enlargeThe Year 8 team played their first match on Monday. They started very nervously which allowed St Louis to take control of the game. At half time the opposition were in the lead 4-0. During the second half the girls settled and started to organise themselves rather than rush the passes. Phoebe and Lydia were both very unlucky in the shooting circle. The final score was 5-0 to St Louis. The girls have definitely gained a lot of experience from this match!

Phoebe Cummings
Lydia Gillespie
Jade Higgins
Chelsea Bates
Alicia Greer
Sophie Kernohan
Jade Millar
Chelsea Kenny

Year 9 vs St Louis Grammar

The Year 9 team suffered another defeat against a very strong and organised St Louis team. The final score was 13-4.

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Year 8 vs Slemish

After losing on the previous day, the Year 8 team were determined to win!
The first 5 minutes on the court were fast and Slemish were collecting points but Cullybackey remained calm and started to play in their style. At half time the score was very close with Slemish having 8 goals and Cullybackey 7.

At half time the girls knew it was going to be a very close game; everyone was marking tightly and trying to feed the ball into the goal circle. The final score was Slemish 14, Cullybackey 13.

The girls played well and they are looking forward to their next game.

(Same team list as above)

Year 9 vs Slemish

Cullybackey girls have been very unlucky with their matches but they still continue to work hard around the court. At half time they were losing 10-3 but a few changes around the court allowed them to score 2 more goals. Unfortunately Slemish won 15-5 despite a good performance.

Year 10 vs Dunclug

The Year 10 team started the game in control and dominated all the way until the end! The play was fast with Laura Gordon and Lauren Greer shooting exceptionally well and on target each time. The half time score was 7-3 to Cullybackey.

For the second half a few changes were made to allow the 3 subs Katie, Dion and Bethany to enter the frame. Cullybackey remained in control of the game and made it very tough for Dunclug to try and score any goals. The final score was 15-5 to Cullybackey. Well done girls!

Laura Gordon
Lauren Greer
Rachael Lennox
Rachael Murdock
Hannah Thompson
Celine Mitchell
Ashleigh Johnston
Dion Stewart
Bethany Shaw
Katie Morrow

Year 11 vs Dunclug

The strength and experience of this talented team makes the game flow and very easy to umpire and watch! Each player on the team knows exactly where to be, when to pass and their role on the court at all times. The speed of the 'centre' Lauren McGall keeps up the pace of the game at both ends of the court. The attacking play of Simone, Hannah and Paige allowed the team to have a score of 12-7 at half time.

During the second half, Emma and Naomi marked the opposition very tightly to avoid any goals being scored. Nikki came off to allow April to slot into defence and Lauren swapped with Lisa. The final score: Cullybackey 25, Dunclug 12.

Emma Gordon
Naomi Lynn
Nikki Blaney
Lauren McGall
Simone Lyle
Hannah McLeister
Paige Henry
April Connolly
Lisa Foster

Year 10 vs St Patrick's

The Year 10 netball team started off their League with a fantastic win over Saint Patrick's.

The team dominated from the whistle and controlled every centre pass. Rachael Murdock worked very closely with Hannah Thompson, Lauren Greer and Laura Gordon passing the ball into the attacking third. The defensive play of Rachael Lennox, Celine Mitchell and Ashley Johnston prevented St Patrick's from entering the goal third throughout the game.

At half time a few players swapped places to allow the subs time on the court, Dion Stewart kept up the fast play as WA feeding the ball to Laura and Bethany. Rachel Lennox came off to allow Katie Morrow on as WD.

The players worked exceptionally hard throughout the game and ended the match on a 17-0 win!

Ashley Johnston
Celine Mitchell
Rachael Lennox
Rachael Murdock
Hannah Thompson
Laura Gordon
Lauren Greer

Dion Stewart
Bethany Shaw
Katie Morrow


Well done to the Year 10 Netball team who won the Ballymena Netball League. This team has been a super team since Year 8, showing commitment and dedication to all of their practices and matches. Well done girls.

10th December

Year 10 finished off the League with another super win against Ballee, on Monday 10th of December 2012.

The final score was 14-0 with the goals scored by Caitlin Galbraith and Paige Henry.

This team have worked exceptionally hard in attack and defence all season, with Emma Gordon and Naomi Lynn working in defence alongside Nikki Blaney.

The attacking play has been dominated by Simone Lyle, Paige Henry and Caitlin Galbraith. Lauren McGall has controlled the linking play between the attack and defence with her quick decisions and agility around the court. The subs have slotted in to the games without showing any "weak links". Caitlin Galbraith has had to step up to the role of Goal Attack after Hannah McLeister injured herself and could not play the last 3 matches!

This team has been a super team since Year 8, showing commitment and dedication to all of their practices and matches. The total amount of goals scored in the League this season were 93 Goals in 6 Matches.

4th December

Year 10 vs Ballymena Academy - Won 10-4
Year 9 vs Ballymena Academy - Lost 9-5

Year 10 report

On Tuesday the 4th of December Year 9 and 10 netball teams headed off to Ballymena Academy. With Hannah McLeister out with an injury Caitlin Galbraith was stepping in as goal attack and scored four goals. The girls found it difficult to play in the smaller court and even more so with the extra time restrictions!

At half time Sophie McKay came on to take Nikki Blaney's place. Emma Gordon and Naomi Lynn were excellent at defending the goals from Academy. With the girls running up and down the court and passing the ball into the semi circle, Paige Henry scored the final six goals. The girls played extremely well and still remain UNBEATEN.

Team list: Lauren McGall, Caitlin Galbraith, Simone Lyle, Nikki Blaney, Paige Henry, Naomi Lynn, Emma Gordon. Sub Sophie McKay.

By Sophie, Caitlin and Emma

27th-28th November

Another busy week for the Year 9 netball team. They were defeated 17-10 by Ballymena Academy "A" team on Tue 27th. They had more success the following day against Dunclug when they won convincingly 14-4.

20th November

Well done to the Year 9 team who defeated St Patrick's College 6-5. Team: Celine Mitchell, Laura Gordon, Lauren Greer, Rachael Murdock, Rachael Lennox, Hannah Thompson, Ashley Johnston. Subs Katie Morrow, Kiera Launder.

14th November

Well done to the Year 10 Netball team who beat Slemish 'B' team 27-1.

2nd November

On Tuesday 2nd November our Year 10, 11 and 12 girls were involved with netball matches against local rivals Dunclug. The mixed Year 11/12 team lost 12-6 in a very competitive match, but the Year 10 girls won 15-10, making it three wins in a row for this team. Well done girls!

17th October

Well done to the Year 10 Netball team- 2 wins in a row!

Slemish started the match in control and very quickly they had 6 goals scored whilst Cullybackey stood back in shock!

After 5 minutes they settled, a great centre pass from Lauren McGall to Simone Lyle and feeding the ball into the circle to Paige Henry and Hannah McLeister Cullybackey were now on the scoreboard and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th goals quickly followed to make it 6 all! The tight defence duo of Emma Gordon and Naomi Lynn, kept the ball circulating around the court and Cullybackey playing an attacking role.

Each centre pass added goals for both teams. At half time the scoreboard was 11-10 to Slemish. A couple of changes were made to allow Caitlin Galbraith and Nikki Blaney to swap on and Naomi Lynn and Sophie McKay to swap off.

The second half started off rapidly with both teams playing a fast game and the ball was being passed very quickly around the court. The skill level from both teams was of a high standard, making the umpiring easy for both teachers.

The final score Cullybackey 18- Slemish 15.

Well done Year 10

Team list Lauren McGall, Hannah McLeister, Simone Lyle, Sophie McKay, Paige Henry, Naomi Lynn, Emma Gordon. Subs Nikki Blaney and Caitlin Galbraith.



Senior House Netball Wednesday 7th March

Well done to Maine for another house tournament win!! Remaining positions: Fenagh 2nd, Bann 3rd, Dreen 4th.

Junior House Netball Friday 2nd March

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36 girls turned out to represent their house in the Annual House Netball Matches.

First game: Dreen beat Bann 1-0
Second game: Maine Beat Fenagh 5-0
Third game: Fenagh beat Bann 3-0
Fourth game: Maine beat Dreen 3-1
Fifth game: Maine beat Bann 3-0
Last game: Fenagh beat Dreen 3-0

The overall positions:

1st Maine
2nd Fenagh
3rd Dreen
4th Bann

This Tournament was a good building block for the Year 8 to introduce them to netball alongside Year 9 and to experience the game. The matches were all umpired by the Year 11 GCSE PE group to allow them to experience the role of the umpire.

Year 9 - Runners Up in the Ballymena Netball League

Well done to the Year 9 Netball Team for an excellent season. The team of Emma Gordon, April Connolly, Simone Lyle, Lauren McGall, Nikki Blaney, Hannah McLeister, Paige Henry, Liza Foster, Amy McGookin and Naomi Lynn only lost one match in their league campaign. Results were:

Ballee 16-1 (W)
Dunclug 18-8 (W)
St Patrick's 10-4 (W)
Academy 21-5 (W)
Slemish 3-2 (L)

Year 9 vs Ballymena Academy (Tuesday 29th November)

Cullybackey High School 21
Ballymena Academy 5

The girls played exceptionally well, leading 12-4 at half time.

The team consisted of:

Hannah McLeister (Capt.)
Emma Gordon
Lauren McGall
April Connolly
Nikki Blaney
Naomi Lynn
Liza Foster
Amy McGookin
Simone Lyle

Year 10 vs Slemish (Wednesday 9th November)

Slemish 2
Cullybackey High School 9

Year 9 vs Slemish (Wednesday 9th November)

Slemish 3
Cullybackey High School 2

Year 9 vs Dunclug (Monday 24th October)

Cullybackey High School 18
Dunclug 8

Year 9 vs Ballee (Tuesday 11th October)

Cullybackey High School 16
Ballee High School 1

Year 11 vs Ballee (Tuesday 11th October)

Cullybackey High School 8
Ballee High School 7


Year 11 vs St. Patrick's (13th December)

Cullybackey High School 5
St Patrick's 11

Year 11 vs Ballymena Academy (30th November)

Cullybackey High School 12
Ballymena Academy 5

Rachel Gillespie
Claire Robinson (Capt.)
Paula Reid
Kara McCartney
Jemma Lennox
Stephanie Lennox
Aimee Rainey
Kirsty Kelso
Lauren Currie

Year 11 win two games in a row!

On Tuesday 30th November, Year 11 travelled to Ballymena Academy. During the first half Cullybackey dominated in attacking play, with Kara McCartney working extremely hard against a very tough opposing player to play the ball in to the goal third for Paula Reid and Aimee Rainey to score.

The defence of Rachel Gillespie and Claire Robinson worked well in linking play to prevent the ball entering the goal third. At half time Cullybackey were leading 8 goals to Ballymena Academy 2 goals.

The team made a change for the second half, with Jemma Lennox coming off to allow Kirsty Kelso to switch on. Cullybackey quickly took control of the game and scored 4 more goals and only allowed the Academy to score 3.

Year 11 vs Dunclug (24th November)

Cullybackey High School 19 (Aimee Rainey, Paula Reid)
Dunclug 5

Rachel Gillespie (Capt.)
Claire Robinson
Paula Reid
Kara McCartney
Jemma Lennox
Stephanie Lennox
Aimee Rainey
Kirsty Kelso
Lauren Currie

On the 24th November we played Dunclug in a very competitive netball match. Rachel took the toss and won first centre for us. After the first half of fifteen minutes we were leading 9-0. The team were playing well but we were getting blown up a lot for foul play! We all had a good game and passed the ball around both sides of the court. The final whistle was blown and we were very pleased with the score as we won 19-5. We shook hands and said "Three cheers!".

Year 9 vs Slemish (17th November)

Cullybackey High School 6
Slemish 7

Kathryn Moore
Kathy Reid
Rebecca Logan
Julie McIlmoyle
Chloe Hayes
Zara Speers (Capt.)
Kelly-Ann Johnston
Chloe Dickey
Casey Balmer

Year 10 vs Slemish (17th November)

Cullybackey High School 9
Slemish 3

Alana Duff
Rebecca Hill
Rikki Fletcher
Tia McCombe
Rebecca Speers
Leoni McQuilkin (Capt.)
Hanna Downey

Year 9 vs Dunclug (10th November)

Cullybackey High School 11
Dunclug 22

Year 10 vs Dunclug (10th November)

Cullybackey High School 9
Dunclug 15

Year 10 vs Ballee (3rd November)

On Wednesday 3rd November, Cullybackey High School played against Ballee in a netball match. Our team was as follows:

Alana Duff (C) (Capt.)
Rebecca Hill (GK)
Rikki Fletcher (GS)
Tia McCombe (GA)
Rebecca Speers (WA)
Carly Carleton (WD)
Leoni McQuilkin (GD)
Hanna Downey

Click to enlargeMrs Robinson tossed a coin and Ballee were given the first centre pass. We played for twelve minutes. After a well competed half the score was six all. After a short break the second half began, with both teams making use of their substitute.

Both teams kept up their efforts for the second half until the final whistle blew. We held our own and were overjoyed with the final result. I think we played well today as a team. Alana, our captain, shook hands with Ballee's captain and said the 'three cheers'.

Final Score:

Cullybackey High School 10
Ballee High School 10

By Tia McCombe and Rebecca Hill

Year 9 vs Ballee (3rd November)

Cullybackey High School 10
Ballee High School 2

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