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Army Cadet Force

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Cullybackey Detachment Now Recruiting

It is the beginning of a new school year and we are recruiting for new cadets from the college. Please click here for more information.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Success for two cadets (June 2015)

Well done to Cadet Corporal Alex Fleming and Cadet Tyler Murray on achieving the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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"Hot Diggigty Dog" Domhnall Visits Cullybackey Army Cadets (May 2015)

The young cadets from Cullybackey Detachment, Army Cadet Force (ACF) had been looking forward to the visit from their sponsor unit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, who have the nickname within the army as the "Micks" and had come all the way from Aldershot, Hampshire to visit them.

The main attraction of The Irish Guard Information Team visit is however Domhnall the 3 year old Irish Wolfhound, who is the 11th mascot of the regiment, and even has his own twitter account @officialigmascot.

The Cullybackey cadets were all very excited to meet this famous animal but firstly were treated to a demonstration by PT Instructor Robert Richie on the kit which is required to be worn during operations. This was passed around and tried on and agreed by all to be quite heavy.

Then it was the turn of the recent Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition participants cadets Ellen McCaw, Andriy McClenaghan & Joel Roxborough to give their presentation on "Team Building" to Captain James Parke who also kindly agreed to act as their assessor and offered them advice on future expeditions.

He finally gave all the cadets a brief history of the Irish Guards which will come in useful for those cadets who are representing Cullybackey Detachment in the Mini Micks Competition this September.

Captain Parke said "I believe this is a great youth organisation for all young people and we the Irish Guards are privileged to have such a good detachment here in Cullybackey wearing the cap star of our regiment and to show our regard for the Irish Guards cadets they are affectionately known in the regiment as the Mini Micks"

Domhnall then made his grand entrance and everyone got a photo of the "most patted" dog in Northern Ireland. We would like to thank Captain James Parke and his team for their visit and look forward to seeing them all again in the near future.

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Cullybackey Cadets get help from the experts (June 2014)

Camp preparation was the main event when the Irish Guards Recruiting Team visited the detachment.

The sun was shining as the cadets made their way outside for a session of activities! After a spot of drill the Micks (nick name for the Irish Guards) showed the cadets how to construct a shelter by displaying various styles of bashas. (Army name for a field shelter). This will come in very useful when the cadets camp out when they travel to Otterburn for their two week summer camp in July.

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The cadets were revised on the main points of constructing a shelter using a poncho or large field shelter. The main points were that the basha needs to be as low to the ground as possible so that you can reduce wind resistance and not create any obvious silhouettes. The cadets were instructed on how to achieve this, and questioned on the advantages and disadvantages, the importance of concealment, and safety when using bungee ropes.

After completing the basha building two cadets were picked to race getting into the completed bashas and into their sleeping bags. Competitive spirits were high and the rest of the cadets cheered on.

The cadets learnt that as part of field craft training, good basha building was a very vital skill which will hopefully keep them dry when camping out when away at Otterburn.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the activities and would like to thanks The Irish Guards and look forward to their next visit.

Cadets tested In First Aid Scenario (May 2014)

Cullybackey Detachment tested their first aid expertise in a scenario exercise set up to test recently taught skills.

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The cadets were split into two groups and then faced with an incident were they prioritised and administered effective first aid. The situation was an everyday occurrence of a young person falling off his bike, with plenty of fake blood and a hysterical mother on the scene.

The First Aid Instructor then reviewed the good points were the cadets had worked well together as a team when surprised with an incident and mentioned that one group started treating the casualty without removing the bicycle, nor the hysterical mother which got a few laughs. The practical demonstration was interesting, and the cadets got the "hands on" experience of coping in a difficult situation.

Onesie Wednesday is here! (April 2014)

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Cullybackey Detachment, Army Cadet Force (ACF) supported the National Autistic Society (NAS) by getting involved in the "Onesie Wednesday", for Autism Awareness Day, 2nd April. The night raised £100.00 for the Ballymena Branch!

Autism is a lifelong development disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people and the world around them.

Thanks to all the cadets & leaders, for their support to this worth while cause.

Irish Guards Information Team Visit (March 2014)

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Cullybackey Detachment welcomed the 1st Battalion Irish Guards Information Team to their Detachment. The team commanded by Captain Steve McMichael set up some stands for the cadets to complete, including fieldcraft & drill stands. The cadets got an update on what the Irish Guards have been doing and will be doing in the future.

They also enjoyed meeting the Regimental Mascot, Domhnall, the 16th Mascot of the Irish Guards with his Handler Drummer David Steed. The team also showed the cadets all the kit that you are issued whilst on operations. Captain Steve McMichael said "It's great to come along and see the cadets. I was a Mini Mick and I am really impressed by the turnout and the knowledge of the regiment that the cadets have."

Success at Cullybackey Detachment, Irish Guards (January 2014)

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The Parents of the Cullybackey Army Cadet Force looked on with pride as youngsters gathered to show their skills at the annual Inspection night.

This event is a chance for parents to get up to speed with the achievements of the cadets, while seeing what their kids have learned.

The night included a map & compass demonstration and drill which involved a "have a go" session with the parents. Musical entertainment was supplied by the Battalion Piper and the evening was rounded up by a prize presentation.

As individual boys & girls picked up awards for a range of disciplines including football and first aid, the cadets were also able to celebrate their involvement in the recent Battalion Sports Day and the annual Mini Micks Competition.

Major Mateer from the Irish Guards was in attendance as Inspecting Officer, he congratulated all the cadets on their impressive achievements.

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Open Evening (June 2011)

Click to enlarge On Wednesday 15th June 2011, Cullybackey Army Cadet Force held its Open Evening. This was attended by the Headmaster of Cullybackey High School along with several Army Officers and more than 40 guests.

Click to enlarge The cadets put on a great show of marching, first aid and showed the many guests how a cadet lives when out in the field. To top a very successful evening off, the guests and cadets tucked into a BBQ.