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  • Principal:
  • Mr D Donaldson
  • B.Ed., M.Ed., P.Q.H.

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Curriculum Mapping



Religious Education is a statutory component of the curriculum. The syllabus content at KS3 has been developed to meet the needs of the pupils and complements the ethos of the school.

At KS4 every pupil is given the opportunity to sit an external exam in RE. The following options are available to pupils:

  • Full course GCSE (St.Mark's Gospel and Christianity Ethics.)
  • Short course GCSE (Christianity Ethics)
  • Entry Level Qualification (Christianity and Moral Issues)

'A' level RE is an option in 6th Form. The course covers the following topics:

  • The Synoptic Gospels
  • World Religions
  • St.John's Gospel
  • Religion and Human Experiences

These external examinations have allowed pupils to access the next stage of their educational journey.

Main RE teachers: Mrs P Roulston, Mrs L McFarlane

Other staff are involved in the teaching of RE, subject to timetabling demands, however the staff members change from year to year.